In Dreams

A Beautiful Puzzle Healing Art in VR

Poly Star VR is the VR version of Poly Star(mobile).
The game is about rotating scattered puzzle pieces to complete a picture.
We designed this version with the idea that it would be even more enjoyable if the users can directly rotate puzzles floating in front of themselves in virtual space, transcending 2D.

A 3D VR Puzzle Game that is Simple Yet Fun

A magical game that relieves daily stress as you complete beautiful pictures with soothing music.
As you listen to the stories while completing the 3D puzzles, a unique star of your own comes to life.
Travel the planets to hear their tales.

Do You Remember the Tale of the Little Prince? On the night of a crash landing. We meet a young boy in the vast desert Who tells us of his tales of travel. That Lie within the endless sky Listen to the stories of the stars.

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