In Dreams

A New Era Museum Without Closing Time

In Dreams invites you to experience reincarnation, the quintessential core of Asian philosophy, through VR animation art.
With advances in the 'technical restoration of art' by AR/VR, the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we present the new world, where everyone can ascend beyond the popularization of art and into its personalization. When the users immerse themselves in VR art, that act itself becomes a personalization of culture and art.

Restoration of Art
As More Than Cultural Assets

By expanding upon the concept of animation by enabling it to fluidly mesh with a digital environment, we have elegantly married technology with thought and philosophy difficult to fully realize with real images through art animation and VR.

All life is born into this world, and gather to fly away freely.
As the brilliant times go by, the life that frolicked in joy,
Gather in ones and twos, as if their time has come,
And scatter into the light to ascend skyward.
A single spore descends from the vanished light to become a butterfly,
And shares the warmth of this world.

newmatic steam
#811, 54, Changeop-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Copyright 2020 - NEWMATIC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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