아버지가 사라졌다
お デブ
A global project based on the incomplete works of famous film directors around the world and implemented as XR content
Global XR Project
Father Gone, Odebu is a global project involving world-famous media/XR companies such as BBC and Arte V.
Director Lee Myung-se, famous for his stylish directing, and Naomi Kawase, who represents Japan, appear in
the video to introduce their work and lead audience to the world of the work.
An original artwork that unleashes the sensibility of the times
Emotional artwork that reinterprets the emotions of the director with XR content
Completed design, asset production, space configuration, and final development.
Participated in main production for the global project.
Natural motion from motion capture technology
The director's memoirs are produced from various perspectives and is produced using 360 volume metric capture technology. High-quality real-time lighting effect that dramatically expresses four seasons