Meditation media art that allows you to gain enlightenment through encounters with wise men in a dreamy world
Restoration of art as more than cultural assets
By expanding upon the concept of animation by enabling it to fluidly mesh with
a digital environment, we have elegantly married technology with thought and
philosophy difficult to fully realize with real images through art animation and VR.
An unknown space that stimulates curiosity
Communication with the virtual world through interaction
Encounter with a wise men to attain enlightenment
Surreal world reenactment
Various exhibition projects in collaboration with
the production of content by companies and institutions
Participate in high-end production staff in
the art/modeling/lighting that produced Hollywood theater content
The reincarnation of Buddhist philosophy that can be difficult for
ordinary people and foreigners is embodied in a sensuous fantasy space
Participated in a number of exhibitions, including
the BIFAN XR exhibition held at Incheon International Airport and
the Anjeong-ri Artist Square Exhibition
All life is born into this world,
and gather to fly away freely.
As the brilliant times go by, the life that frolicked in joy,
Gather in ones and twos, as if their time has come,
And scatter into the light to ascend skyward.
A single spore descends from the vanished light to become a butterfly,
And shares the warmth of this world.