The world where I become the main character of the game
In the game-type metaverse space, the user becomes the main character from a first-person perspective and experiences various interactions and virtual spaces. We'd like to invite you into a differentiated visual and virtual world that can only be felt in Newmatic.
XR Film
Outside the movie into the movie
Newmatic XR Film invites visitors into the content to deliver a new experience. The realistic virtual space composition gives the audience a sense of immersion as if they were in a movie.
XR Contents
Connection of Offline Virtual Space
Based on Newmatic casual avatar system and virtual space creation technology, XR interactive content in various fields is developed to expand the possibility of metaverse.
XR Media Art
The boundless possibilities of the realm of art
Interactive media art expands the area of appreciation and allows the audience to breathe with the work and participate in the world of the work. Through interaction with the work, our mission is to produce XR media art that becomes the owner of the work and is finally completed with the participation of the audience.